Working, parenting, retiring, moving, marrying or divorcing...each life decision you make has financial effects. And in turn, each financial decision you make affects your life.

How can you make the right decision?

Find Connie and Debbie Winokur, financial advisors who provide direction, education, and more for women and their money.

Education for Wise Choices

What decisions can you make to preserve your wealth, give yourself adequate retirement income, and keep your financial affairs in good order?

Connie and Debbie will help you explore your options and give you information in English, not jargon. Their goal is to help you manage risk, invest conservatively, and retire confidently.


Leadership for Women's Wealth


Winokur & Winoker, LLC,  creates financial plans with the objective to bring women more stability during financial transitions. If you're changing careers or entering a new phase of life, Connie and Debbie can provide an objective analysis of your investments and overall financial health.


The Dividend of Delegating Wealth Management

That dividend is time - few people want a second career as a financial planner. Certainly, you want to spend more time with people and pursuits you enjoy, not a second job trying to keep pace with the markets.

Connie and Debbie Winokur aim to free you from stress and uncertainty when it comes to investing and planning for tomorrow. If you want to feel confident about your financial decisions, be one of the women who choose Winokur & Winokur.